Frequenly Asked Questions

What Does TextBunch Do?
TextBunch is a group messaging management system. Put simply, TextBunch lets you create a group of people, and then send them all a text message. It's a quick and easy way to text message multiple people at one time. It's great for teams, groups, clubs, parties, bands, djs, or anybody who simply needs to tell multiple people at once.

Why Do I Need To Know The Provider?
TextBunch is for sending messages to your friends. Requiring the provider is our way of making sure you actually know the person you're messaging. This helps cut down on spam and unwanted messages.

Is There a Hidden Cost?
Nope! We don't charge anything. Messages are completely free to send, and will be treated as a regular text message to the recipient. As long as they have a text message plan and aren't over their carrier's limit, they won't be charged anything.

How Big Can My Group Be?
Currently, so that everbody can try the beta, groups are limited to 10 members. As we move out of beta, you will be able to add as many people as you like to your group.

Can I Have Multiple Groups?
Yes! Create as many groups as you like.

Ok, How Do I Create a Group?
Just click create a group and enter a group name, password, and time zone. You'll be able to start adding members and sending them messages in seconds.

What About Privacy??
Textbunch won't share or sell your information with anybody. We also promise not to send any messages to you or your contacts. We just ask that you don't use our service for spamming or sending threatening messages.

I Just want to send a single message.
Only need to send one message? Don't want to register? Then head on over to textsendr and send free text messages to a single recipient with no registration.

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